Hey, lady!

I'm Breanna!

Here's a little bit about me... 

I was born and raised in South Carolina and I've been here my whole life. I live in Columbia with my fiance' Hector and our daughter, Eliza Rae. We've got a full house of pets including our dog Bourbon and we even have a bunny. Our family loves adventuring and we're always finding cool things to get into.

I'm a true artist by nature and express my art it in lots of different ways. I love to paint and I've got a beautiful indoor garden. But, of course when it comes to expressing that artistic side, hair and beauty are my favorite.

I've been doing hair since 2014 and I plan to be just like my great grandmother Wreatha who did hair for thirty six years!  I'm a third generation hair stylist, following in my family's footsteps. 

I love a challenge and I live for hugs from my clients. I strive to give each person a great experience every time they come to see me.