The Salon's Creative Team

Meagan Rose Mathias

 A salon professional since 2010, Meagan has been expressing her creative talents in all aspects of the beauty industry. Working in print, runway, special event and non-profit avenues, she has been gaining experience that has a​llowed her to cater to her clientele and shine in an ever-expanding field. Meagan has learned from some of the industry's top professionals, and attended extensive hands-on training. Specializing in hair painting, blonding and balayage, Meagan prides herself on her ability to translate her clients' desires to canvas.

Meagan was awarded Best Hairstylist by readers of The State Paper in 2016. 

Murphi Kirchner

Murphi has known she wanted to pursue a profession in beauty since the age of 8 when she got her first set of highlights. She attended Paul Mitchell The School Columbia and graduated in 2011. Since the onset of her career, Murphi has taken in all opportunities for education and knowledge. In her 7 years as a stylist, she has become skilled in a wide range of hair types, and specializes in hand painted color applications. She shines in the face of a challenge and thrives on her clients ability to trust in her.   

Laura Brooks

A second generation hairstylist, Laura joined the beauty industry in 2009, when she began her career cutting hair. She has continued to specialize in extensive cutting as well as hair coloring techniques that help to enhance her creative cuts. Laura takes on any cutting challenges that may come her way, and is experienced in a diverse field that continues to change. She is ever growing to stay on trend with the latest techniques in the industry to give her clients an amazing experience every time.

Laura was awarded Best Hairstylist by readers of The State Paper in 2017.  

Janessa Axelsen

A graduate of Paul Mitchell The School Columbia, Janessa has studied under both national and international educators, to fine tune her skills. Her work is most notably showcased in creating unique updo styles and hand painted balayage blondes where her attention to detail is put to good use. Janessa also focuses on extensions and camoflage options for women who have fine hair or are experiencing undesireable thinning. No matter the service guests come for, Janessa strives to deliver the amazing results her clients have come to expect.  

Breanna Martin

A hairstylist since 2013 but a true artist her entire life, Breanna has found her passion in the beauty industry. With hair as an outlet to express her creative visions, she thrives on giving her clients the vivid colors they dare to dream of. Breanna also focuses on detalied cutting and inventive texturizing to bring her creative visions to life. Breanna continues to expand her artistic arsenal and prides herself in the happiness she brings to her clients.  

Jonathan Phillipe

Jonathan Phillipe, a second generation stylist, hails from New York where he started off his career in theatrical hair and makeup. He graduated from Paul Mitchell the School Columbia, working as Hair Lead for Bella Modeling Agency, Fashion Shows, and Charlotte Fashion Week. Winner in Sheen Magazine’s Hair competition, Night Out on Broadway, and shows of the like, his hopes to become a platform artist, and session stylist drive his passion. He specializes in balayage color, makeup, and creative styling and thrives when he puts his avant garde skills to showcase.  

Heather Maddox

With years of support staff experience in the salon, Heather decided to step into the spotlight and take on the coveted role of hairstylist. Graduating from Paul Mitchell the School Columbia, Heather has entered the field with focuses on hair painting, balayage and blonding. Her education continues as the industry evolves, and so does her desire to learn. With that desire to expand her creative talents and a goal of making each client feel wonderful about themselves, Heather is consistently providing amazing results to her clients.